Chapel Break Infant School

  • "The school provides pupils with a very exciting, creative and innovative curriculum, which enables pupils to develop outstanding speaking & artistic skills and an excellent level of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "Attainment is consistently above average writing, maths and reading when the pupils leave the school."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "The excellence in many pupils outcomes is the result of high quality teaching and the very innovative and imaginative curriculum."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Teachers have an excellent knowledge of pupils needs on an individual basis."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Lessons are often very challenging & need pupils full attention & concentration, which they willingly give."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Not only do pupils achieve exceptionally well but they demonstrated real love of learning and school which is evident in the high quality of their work."
    Ofsted 2010

Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School

Chapel Break Infant School

Governance Statement 2017 - 2018


Governors -  What are School Governors and what do they do?


The School Governors are like a Board of Directors who have legal duties, powers, and responsibilities.


All governors serve for a term of four years. We are a ‘Critical Friend’ to the school, supporting its aims and values and helping it to strive and achieve the highest standards possible in all aspects of school life.



The 3 main roles of the Governing Body are:


• Ensuring that the School has a clarity of Vision and strategic direction

• To hold the Head Teacher to account for the school’s educational performance

• To oversee the financial performance of the school and make sure that its money is well and appropriately spent.



So how do the Governors do this at Chapel Break?


 Meetings of the Full Governing Body are held at least once every half term where all aspects of the school are reviewed and discussed. Governors also regularly spend time at the school on an individual basis to both help with and monitor all aspects of daily school life.


We also have 3 Sub Committees who meet at least once a term:


  • The Finance & Personnel Committee’s main responsibility is to oversee the school budgets, staffing policies and matters relating to the buildings and grounds.


  • The Teaching, Learning and Assessment Committee reviews the school’s curriculum to ensure that it meets the standards required, that the assessment processes in place are robust and effective and that all pupils, whatever their ability, make the required levels of progress and maximise their potential •


  • The Behaviour & Welfare Committee monitor and review such things as the Safeguarding of both Children and Staff, Health & Safety policy and the level and quality of extra curricular activities at the school.



Attendance at governance meetings


During 2017-18, all Full Governing Board meetings and Committee meetings have been quorate.


The Governing Body is made up of:


  • Parents (proposed and elected by other parents who have children at the school)


  • An elected Member of Staff at the school


  • A Local Authority Representative


  • Co-Opted Community Representatives



What have the Governors achieved in 2017-18?


As part of the three main roles shown above, the Governors have been instrumental in working with the Head and staff on the following:


  • Continuing to update the vision for the school and developing a five-year plan, taking into account changes that will be required moving forward


  • Working with similar thinking schools in Norfolk


  • Consulting with the Local authority on future school provision for Bowthorpe


  • Ensuring the school premises and equipment are fit for purpose


  • Working with the Local Authority on a proactive approach to budgeting whilst ensuring that the School receive a green overall financial rating.


  • Visiting the school regularly to monitor progress against the school’s improvement and development priorities.



Who are the Governor’s at Chapel Break Infant School and how do I contact them?



Chapel Break Infant School
Governing Board Structure September 2017 
Current Term of Office Committee Membership   Declaration of Business Interest
Governor Governor Category Date first appointed From To Finance Behaviour Teaching & Learning HT PM
Alison Borthwick Co-opted 01/09/2014 01/09/2014 21/08/2018     y y none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Jonathan Bugg Co-opted 24/07/2013 24/07/2017 23/07/2021 y y     none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Jackie Fowler Co-opted 30/09/2014 30/09/2014 29/09/2018 y y     none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Kevin Jermy Co-opted 01/02/2014 03/10/2017 02/10/2021 y   y   none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Sara Johnston Headteacher ongoing ongoing ongoing y y y   none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Helen Lamb Co-opted 09/07/2013 03/07/207 08/07/2021 y   y y none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Sam Lee Parent 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 17/01/2020   y y   none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Angela Moore Staff 24/07/2013 19/09/2017 18/09/2021   y y   none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Alice Ndiaye Local Authority 13/06/2014 13/06/2014 12/06/2018   y   y none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Ian Prior Parent 18/01/2012 18/01/2016 16/01/2020 y y     none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Kevin Hunn  Co-opted 03/10/2017 03/10/2017 02/10/2021  y       none declared as at 3 Octber 2017
Kevin Holland Co-opted 20/03/2018   20/03/2018  19/03/2022          
Previous Governors
Jayne Leveridge Parent 18/01/2016 18/01/2016 17/01/2020 Resigned 28 September 2017


Chapel Break Infant School
Attendance at Governing Board Meetings: Academic Year 2016-2017
Governor Full Governing Body Behaviour & Welfare Committee Finance & Personnel Committee Teaching & Learning Committee Headteacher's Performance Management
Alison Borthwick 50%     67% 100%
Jonathan Bugg 100% 100% 100%    
Jackie Fowler 50%   75%    
Kevin Jermy 100%   100%    
Sara Johnston 100% 100% 100% 100%  
Helen Lamb 83%   75% 100% 100%
Sam Lee 67% 100%      
Angela Moore 100% 100%   100%  
Alice Ndiaye 83% 100%   100%  
Ian Prior 100% 100% 100%    
Jayne Leveridge 50% 100%   100% 100%




 If any parent / carer would like to contact the Governors, please telephone or leave a message with the school office.


Our school number is: 01603 749 550