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Chapel Break Infant School

Welcome to Little Owls!


Class Teacher: Ms Crane and Mrs Turrell
Classroom Assistant: Mrs Sell, Miss Addle and Mrs Crisp




A day in the life of a Little Owl

In Little Owls, we start the day with our 'Bagel Breakfast'. This is a time for us to chat to our friends and teachers about how we are feeling. We have a wellbeing check in board so that our teachers can help us if we are feeling sad or worried.

We all join in Bug Club phonics, we have learnt lots of phonemes (sounds) and enjoy blending them together to read the words.

Later in the morning we have our maths session. We also have lots of time in provision to practice our skills and learn through our play.

Little Owls class have lunch in the hall together and enjoy joining their friends from Wrens on the playground for some games.

In the afternoon, Little Owls love 'Drawing Club' where they enjoy retelling stories and developing their language and writing skills.

At then end of the day we love to have a story together and then we collect our book bags and coats before we go home.


Each term we have a BIG question to answer; this driving question sets the learning for the term:

What is the power of a book?



 Long term plan 2023/24