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Chapel Break Infant School

Welcome to Wrens Class!

Class Teachers: Mrs Warr and Mrs Bishopp

Teaching Assistants: Mrs Gooch, Miss Crane and Mrs Ijaiya. 




A Day in Wrens Class


  • We are learning lots of new skills
  • We are kind  and helpful to each other
  • We are learning to read  our sounds
  • We are learning all about numbers and shapes
  • Sometimes we work outside the classroom
  • A lot of our learning is independent
  • We have learning teams in our class and we try and work together and on our own to help our team to be brilliant!




We always try our best and our teacher helps us with our next

steps and how we might learn new skills.


Each term we have a BIG question to answer; this driving question sets the learning for the term:

What is the Power of a Rainbow?   





 Please click on the links below to see our termly plans:



Summer Term 2022

Spring Term 2022


Spring Term 2019

Summer Term 2019

Autumn Term 2019

Spring Term 2020

Autumn Term 2020

Summer Term 2021

Autumn Term 2021