Chapel Break Infant School

  • "The school provides pupils with a very exciting, creative and innovative curriculum, which enables pupils to develop outstanding speaking & artistic skills and an excellent level of spiritual, moral, social and cultural development."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "Attainment is consistently above average writing, maths and reading when the pupils leave the school."
    Ofsted 2010
  • "The excellence in many pupils outcomes is the result of high quality teaching and the very innovative and imaginative curriculum."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Teachers have an excellent knowledge of pupils needs on an individual basis."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Lessons are often very challenging & need pupils full attention & concentration, which they willingly give."
    Ofsted 2010

  • "Not only do pupils achieve exceptionally well but they demonstrated real love of learning and school which is evident in the high quality of their work."
    Ofsted 2010

Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School Life at Chapel Break Infant School

KS1 Curriculum 2017/18 - (may be reviewed)

For a subject by subject view of the curriculum for KS1, please see below.  Please see separate tab for our English and Maths curriculum.


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Year 1


 Into the woods with the Gruffalo



BIG Idea Themes

PATHS  Gentleness &  Awareness of others

 e-safety  Safety on Bonfire Night,

Belief, Respecting each others beliefs,  Christmas, Festivals of light





 Near and Far




BIG Idea Themes

PATHS  Independence, e-safety – Safer strangers (Little Red Riding Hood), Be safe at home 

Belief : Celebrations Chinese New Year / Easter






 Here and Now




BIG Idea Themes

PATHS e-safety Safety on the  road, in the sun  Healthy Lifestyles, Beliefs and questions - Wesak (the story of Buddha)





Year 2


Long Ago


Into the woods with William Shakespeare



BIG Idea Themes

PATHS  e-safety, (Smartie the Penguin) Playground Safety  Gentleness, Beauty, Persistence,  Expressions of Belief Christianity: Questions : Advent/Festival of Light









 Near and Far






BIG Idea Themes

PATHS  e-safety, Noticing Dangers, What’s the Risk?

Site Safety, Safety with Medicines & cleaning products Belief: Creation Stories  Celebrations , Social Diversity, Philosophy for Children





The Animal Kingdom






BIG Idea Themes

e-safety, Farm Safety, Healthy Lifestyles

PATHS Belief: Leaders and Teachers








 Please click subject titles below to see a year by year curriculum details for each subject;

Yearly overviews may be reviewed and are therefore subject to change. 

Please also see class pages for more detailed termly planning.

Art & Design


Design Technology






Science - Skills

Science - Knowledge